Ansur QA-4X Plug-In

Ansur QA-4X Plug-In 2.2

Facilitates automatic test with the use of the QA-4M/QA-45 Test instruments
2.2.3 (See all)

Ansur QA-4X Plug-In is a product facilitating automatic test and inspection with the use of the QA-4M/QA-45 Test instruments, for testing defibrillators. Ansur plug-in module to control the QA-40 Defibrillator Analyzer and/or the QA-45 Defibrillator/Transcutaneous Pacemaker Analyzer.

Ansur Executive application must be installed before any of the plug-ins below. Users need to be logged onto the computer as an administrator when installing Ansur Executive or a plug-in.

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